A passion for design and acute attention to detail exemplify the qualities most admired about Carol Southey, founder and principal of Carol Southey Home interior design and decorating firm.

After over 25 years of involvement with paint and wallpaper companies, fabric manufacturers, and a window treatments and soft furnishings company, Carol developed her own interior design and decorating firm. She is a high honors graduate of Sheridan College in Ontario and is an accredited member of the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA). She is also certified with Heritage Montreal Home Renovations.

Carol is passionate about beautiful interiors and has the experience necessary to manage quality renovation and redecoration projects for an international clientele. She has a very clean and honest approach to interior design and her diverse background allows her to come to each project with a fresh set of eyes. Good planning is the key to success. Under her guidance, her team of professional trades people and suppliers insure the project progresses smoothly from concept through to completion. Clients trust her to oversee projects completely as a result of her hands on involvement.

Projects are not defined by their size because the attention to detail is the same. Large or small, every project is customized to the specific requirements and budget of each client. She focuses on timeless style, clean lines and optimum functionality.

Carol is married, has raised a daughter and a son and a dog and she knows that children can make a mess, dogs drop hair and husbands and wives each have an acute sense of what’s special and important to them in their combined household called “home”.

With Carol Southey an ordinary house can become an extraordinary home!

Your Home, My Passion.